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Cannabis Science Set to Participate in the Premier Event Focused on High-Impact Global Collaborations; The Global Health Catalyst Summit at Harvard Medical School Starts Today

Cannabis Science Set to Participate in the Premier Event Focused on High-Impact Global Collaborations; The Global Health Catalyst Summit at Harvard Medical School Starts Today

IRVINE, CA, May 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)  --

Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC: CBIS), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, is pleased to announce the Company’s participation in the 2019 Global Health Catalyst (GHC) Summit at Harvard Medical School. The GHC Summit is a premier, annual event dedicated to catalyzing high-impact international collaborations to eliminate global health disparities, with the main focus on cancer and related diseases. Since 2015, the yearly summits are part of a series of high impact initiatives of the Harvard Global Health Catalyst (http://ghc.bwh.harvard.edu/) funded by the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies at Harvard University, and a growing number of international institution partners.

“As an industry partner, the GHC Summit provides Cannabis Science with the opportunity to discuss, collaborate, and partner with other key groups with like mind and intentions in the U.S. and globally, as well as to expand our global consortium of research collaborators through this avant-garde of professionals,” stated Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, CBIS’ President, CEO, and Co-founder. “It will be very interesting to see the outcomes of this year’s Summit. These activities directly impact our drug-development initiatives and should help CBIS accelerate our research, development, and clinical trials for promising cannabinoid-based medicines. Also, there is a significant announcement regarding our work with the Justicia plant that we expect will further energize our stakeholders and shareholders.”

During this year’s event, Cannabis Science plans to update GHC Summit participants on the Company’s drug-development pipeline and the transition into clinical trials as well as other major company initiatives. Additionally, CBIS and its collaborators will discuss its most-recent research agreement to investigate the potential use of a proprietary extract from the Justicia plant to treat a number of blood disorders. The Company has initially identified multiple potential products for development based on current research on the proprietary extract from the Justicia plant. These products could include a nutraceutical for blood health, a biomaterial that could serve as a blood substitute, and an ingredient that could be used in the production of meat substitutes.

Harvard GHC Summit is Streaming Live!

Friday 5/24/19

8am: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/036143006d3147c4a18dde85c06050821d

10:30am: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/0f89506a94f1454ba3f3efa5a297b9a41d

2pm: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/3583454757f648ba8dcc225bf62f23891d

6pm: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/ccc6960c511249c4aac053c7954efdff1d


Saturday 5/25/19

8am: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/7f065e5e18fc47b0bf75c421c25455f81d

10:30am: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/9c7d30ed672a408799bdb8d3bacb7b121d

2pm: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/1ab5b16aa2ef464cacdc6b6bc6ad77be1d

4:30pm: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/ddcc67e9478444e89df157c9cfd571461d

6:30pm: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/1e82d9f013b548ccb7f886c82d6757671d


Sunday 5/26/19

8am: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/df263faac4c34661b34d9cb3ff4c28a81d

10:30am: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/6a770fe411e84c2dbdcab309b050212d1d

2pm: https://externalmediasite.partners.org/Mediasite/Play/79591da4ba834a94afabbe5abe2aa94c1d

CBIS has successfully initiated a number of major activities as a result of the Company’s participation in past GHC Summits. On July 9, 2018, CBIS announced the signing of an historic collaboration agreement with Elpasso Farms (South Africa), Harvard Medical School’s GHC, and American States University (ASU). This agreement calls for the development of initiatives throughout Africa to strengthen its economic and healthcare infrastructure through education, agriculture, technology, and food security. This collaboration was initially discussed during the 2018 GHC Summit. Please click here to read the release in its entirety:


In early April of this year 2019, Elpasso Farms was awarded one of the first licenses to cultivate medical cannabis by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).

Similar to the other CBIS Economic Development projects, the Elpasso Farms Economic Development Project in South Africa will utilize the University platform to provide PAACU scholarships for educating local and regional residents in several different industries applicable to their area, with a heavy focus on agriculture and farming. PAACU topics will be focused on general, good farming practices and specialized crops, including topics on the many applicable uses of cannabis and industrial hemp agriculture. Farm assessments, depending on the demographic regulatory environment and the application, will allow the group to use large land deals for scale and recoupment costs. The Company’s Economic Development Project with Elpasso Farms is expected to significantly contribute to providing education opportunities for locals and local area job creation, all in support of CBIS’ drug development initiatives. 

In addition to overall participation in this year’s GHC Summit, CBIS’ leadership team will present at the Phytomedicines in Global Health Session on Sunday, May 26th at 8:00 a.m., and at the Diaspora Session on Sunday, May 26th  at 10:30 a.m. 

For the Phytomedicines in Global Health Session, the CBIS presenters will include:

  •  Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, President, CEO, and Co-founder – Mr. Dabney will present on Evidence-based Medical Cannabis versus Cancer, Pain, and other Diseases; American Diaspora Engagement and the CBIS African Economic Development Initiative; and the Success and the Launch of the Harvard International Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis Institute with other Academic Institutions, Industry, and International Partners.
  •  Dr. Julius Garvey, Chief Medical Officer and President, CBIS’ Scientific Advisory Board – Dr. Garvey will present on Evidence-based Medical Cannabis versus Cancer, Pain, and other Diseases.
  •  H.E. Brylyne Chitsunge, Pan-African Ambassador for Food Security, CEO of Elpasso Farms, and Member of CBIS’ Scientific Advisory Board – Ambassador Chitsunge will participate on a panel to discuss the Harvard GHC International Phytomedicines Institute.

For the Diaspora Session, the CBIS presenters will include:

  •  Dr. Julius Garvey, Chief Medical Officer and President, CBIS’ Scientific Advisory Board – Dr. Garvey will present on Pan-African Diaspora Engagement and Win-Win Collaborations.
  •  Mr. Melvin Foote, CEO of the Constituency for Africa, and Member of CBIS’ International Government Affairs Advisory Board – Mr. Foote will present on American Diaspora Engagement and Policy.
  •  Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, President, CEO, and Co-founder – Mr. Dabney will present on American Diaspora Engagement and the CBIS African Economic Development Initiative.

The theme of the Phytomedicines in Global Health Session is From Farm to Bedside: Advancing Clinical Translation of evidence-based Medical Cannabis and other phytomedicines products for global health And Development. This highly educational session will focus on the potential use of Medical Cannabis in healthcare, closing the global pain divide, and on leading-edge international collaborations to accelerate research and clinical translation of phytomedicines in global health. Expected outcomes include the launching of the biggest phytomedicines initiative in global health education; research and care; publications; and agreements to collaborate, including multiple institutions in the U.S. and low and LMIC’s, and industry for global health and economic development.

The theme of the Diaspora Session is Developing win-win collaborations with the Diaspora as catalysts for high-impact global health and development. The Harvard GHC Summit will bring together hundreds of Diaspora leaders, advocates, global health cancer leaders to discuss ideas and strategies on how they can be a sustainable partner and catalyst for high impact global health. Working together united against cancer, this would constitute a powerful and unprecedented grassroots movement in the global fight against cancer in advocacy, education/awareness for cancer prevention, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, etc. to save lives, and to help curb the emerging African cancer epidemic with the vision of ultimately eliminating cancer disparities. 

For more information on the 2019 GHC Summit at Harvard Medical School, please visit:


For the 2019 GHC Summit agenda, please visit:


About Cannabis Science, Inc. 

Cannabis Science, Inc. takes advantage of its unique understanding of metabolic processes to provide novel treatment approaches to a number of illnesses for which current treatments and understanding remain unsatisfactory. Cannabinoids have an extensive history dating back thousands of years, and currently, there are a growing number of peer-reviewed scientific publications that document the underlying biochemical pathways that cannabinoids modulate. The Company works with leading experts in drug development, medicinal characterization, and clinical research to develop, produce, and commercialize novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment for illnesses caused by infections as well as for age-related illness. Our initial focus is on cancers, HIV/AIDS, and neurological conditions. The Company is proceeding with the research and development of its proprietary drugs as a part of this initial focus: CS-S/BCC-1, CS-TATI-1, and CS-NEURO-1, respectively.

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