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Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Visits New Cannabis Science Acquisition

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Visits New Cannabis Science Acquisition

Governor, a Champion of Veterans, Says the Company is "Doing It Right" by Bringing Scientific Methods and Professional Care to Montana's Medical Marijuana Patients

June 18, 2010

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCBB:CBIS - News), a pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis products, is pleased to report that Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer visited its latest acquisition, Montana Pain Management in Missoula, yesterday. Governor Schweitzer observed, "You are doing it right."

Montana Pain Management President Rick Rosio requested a meeting with the Governor to discuss the state's medical marijuana law, and the governor toured MPM learning about how Montana Pain Management's inventory control accountability is down to the gram of produced raw cannabis.

Montana Pain Management has over 450 patients and projected annualized gross revenues of approximately One Million Dollars ($1.0M) per year, and is one of Montana's largest medical marijuana providers.

MPM's Rosio explained, "It was very exciting to be able to show the Governor the way we operate. We told him about how we track all the cannabis we produce and provide to specific clients, in compliance with Montana law. These controls also provide physicians with accurate information on their patients' cannabis usage. In addition, we are able to gather data on strain-specific benefits, which Cannabis Science can use in its research and development program for new pharmaceutical cannabis products. We also salute Governor Schweitzer for his concern for veterans with PTSD, which is also a major focus for MPM and Cannabis Science."

Cannabis Science President and CEO Dr. Robert Melamede, PhD. noted, "We are honored that Governor Schweitzer visited the latest addition to the Cannabis Science team, so he could see for himself the professionalism that Montana Pain Management brings to the world of medical marijuana. He also learned about how Cannabis Science can further advance the standards for patient care and cannabis production."

Following the suicide of an Iraq war veteran in 2007, Governor Schweitzer started the "Yellow Ribbon Program." He also testified in Washington D.C. saying, "The federal government does an excellent job at turning a civilian into a warrior, I think they have an equal responsibility in turning that warrior back into a civilian."

Following its success in Montana, the Yellow Ribbon Program was implemented nationally and is now a part of the National Defense Act.

In his meeting with MPM President Rick Rosio, Governor Schweitzer acknowledged the need for strict controls and accountability in the production of medical cannabis. With a working model in place, communities that are faced with the prospect of a non-formatted clinic model can now turn to Cannabis Science and know that their cannabis clinic is a closed-looped system.

Montana also has a serious problem with prescription drug abuse. State Attorney General Steve Bullock has said that almost 10 percent of Montana teenagers reported abusing prescription drugs, making the state third in the nation per capita in that category. Last year, Bullock said about 300 Montana deaths analyzed by the state crime lab in Missoula showed evidence of prescription drug abuse.

Richard Cowan, Cannabis Science CFO, added, "The Governor has expressed concerns about how his state's medical marijuana program is being implemented and there will be a push in January to amend the laws. We look forward to working with the Montana legislature to protect the patients' access to the medicine they need."

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