Invitation to the 2017 Global Health Catalyst Cancer Summit at Harvard Medical School

Mr. Dabney's Global Health Catalyst (GHC) summit at Harvard Invitation

Cannabis Science’s CEO, Mr. Dabney, will be the keynote speaker and a panelist for a special session on “Cannabis Science Versus Cancer and Other Malignancies.” Mr. Dabney’s invitation for this premier yearly event at Harvard can be viewed using this link. Mr. Dabney will discuss how cannabinoids can be used to treat cancer and other diseases, manage the side effects of cancer treatment like radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and potential applications of medical cannabis in global health to close the global pain divide; Cannabis Science’s vision for the global health and development impact of cannabinoid-based medicines; and the need for greater public education on the importance of medical cannabis research. Information on this special session can be accessed at Additionally, Mr. Dabney will present Summit participants with an overview of the company’s current drug development program, as well as with an update on Cannabis Science’s Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA) with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI).

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Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Speaker Presentation

CBIS and Dana FarberDF/HCC Mr. Dabney's Invitation Letter

Cannabis Science, Inc. proudly announced that following its presentation to Harvard Medical School, the Harvard Director of Global Health Catalyst at the World-Renowned Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC), Dr. Wilfred F. Ngwa, stated: "The Cannabis Science Presentation and Discussions was a Great Success and will lead to mutually beneficial partnership opportunities between Cannabis Science and Harvard Medical School."

Dr. Wilfred F. Ngwa, Director of Global Health Catalyst at the world-renowned Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, initiated the discussions and will lead the way to design and implement future joint research and mutually beneficial partnership opportunities.

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