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Breaking News: CBIS/FSAO NAC Harvest Planning Session Held Yesterday Has Accelerated the Completion of the 60-acre Industrial Hemp Project Planted on the 250 acre CBIS/FSO NAC MBS001 Plot Currently Under Harvest 17 Aug 2017
Cannabis Science and Free Spirit Organics Native American Corporation (FSO NAC) Begin Harvesting Approximately 60 Acres of its 250-Acre Industrial Hemp Project on San Joaquin Sovereign Tribal Fee Land MBS, California 16 Aug 2017
Cannabis Science 2017 Black Tie Gala Event Draws Near as Cannabis Science Completes Major Milestones and Operational Goals 11 Aug 2017
Cannabis Science Issues Second Quarter Update Looking Forward to More Quarterly Growth and Progress Reports with More New and Exciting Revenue Developments Coming Soon 07 Aug 2017
Cannabis Science, Inc. Finds Large-Scale Manufacturing and Product Distribution Facility in California and Eyes Nevada Property as Nevada Governor Issues Statement of Emergency Due to Potential Shortage of Cannabis 17 Jul 2017
Cannabis Science Steps Up the Fight Against Opioid Drug Addictions with its Initial Test Batch of Transdermal Patches and Unisex Rectal Suppositories Available Now in Los Angeles Dispensaries, Meeting a Growing Demand from Self-Medicating Patients 07 Jul 2017
Cannabis Science Releases its 2017 Guidance Report for 2nd Quarter 2017, and Outlines Company's Performance and Growth Opportunities as the Medical Cannabis Industry Expands Dramatically 05 Jul 2017
Cannabis Science Calls on All MMJ Companies to Recognize and Join the Fight Against Opioid Addiction and Deaths by Supporting Self-Medicating Patients to fight Opioid Abuse by Using all Forms of Ingested MMJ as a Viable Gateway out of Extreme Opioid Usage 28 Jun 2017
Cannabis Science Invests in the Research and Development of Cannabinoid-based Medications to Treat COPD and Asthma 23 Jun 2017
UPDATE - Cannabis Science Releases the Chronic Pain CBIS Transdermal Patches to Meet the Overwhelming Demand from Self-Medicating Patients Worldwide as it Continues to Expand its California Dispensary Network 22 Jun 2017