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Cannabis Science Invests in the Research and Development of Cannabinoid-based Medications to Treat COPD and Asthma 23 Jun 2017
UPDATE - Cannabis Science Releases the Chronic Pain CBIS Transdermal Patches to Meet the Overwhelming Demand from Self-Medicating Patients Worldwide as it Continues to Expand its California Dispensary Network 22 Jun 2017
Cannabis Science, Inc. Receives U.S. Federal Government Clearance to Receive U.S. Federal Government Contracts 26 May 2017
Cannabis Science Releases First Test Batch of Suppositories to Aid Self-Medicating Patients That Require Alternative Delivery Methods With Severe Pain and Symptoms Related to Cancers, Anxiety, and Insomnia 11 May 2017
Cannabis Science Senior Executives Chair Special Sessions and Deliver a Keynote Speech at the Global Health Catalyst Summit at Harvard Medical School 02 May 2017
Cannabis Science Senior Executives Arrive at the Global Health Catalyst Summit at Harvard Medical School 29 Apr 2017
Cannabis Science Selects Influential Southern California Financial Firm as the Lead to Raise the Proposed 25 Million USD in Expansion Capital and Boost its Industry Footprint 27 Apr 2017
Cannabis Science 2017 Black Tie Gala for Cannabinoid Research Targeting Critical Ailments, Testimonials, Celebrity Interests, New Partnerships, and Loyalty Gift to Shareholders 25 Apr 2017
Cannabis Science Continues Expansions as it Negotiates to Acquire Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles, California; The Company Expects to Sign Closing Documents Shortly 21 Apr 2017
Cannabis Science Issues First Quarter Update and Celebrates 4/20 With Unprecedented Revenue Growth Projections and Sustainable Equity Value Looking Forward to More Quarterly Growth and Progress Reports 20 Apr 2017