Investor Information

Cannabis Science alleviates suffering and promotes health through cannabinoid science. A pioneering biotech company, Cannabis Science creates cannabinoid-based extract formulations for various medical conditions, including more than 8 different types of Cancer.

Each individual one of these formulations has revenue and earnings potential in the hundreds of millions of dollars based on the current global pharmaceutical industry. The potential revenue and earnings are combined with additional profit centers including an educational model, nutraceutical products, and a strategic partnership with MedBox® Solutions. These additional profit centers bring a higher level of confidence to realizing our overall financial strategy and plan to bring Cannabis Science into positive earnings per share by 2015.

The cannabinoid market and industry is best explained using the alcohol prohibition black market model in the 1920’s, and then as a pharmaceutical retail market in the 1930’s.

The cannabinoid market is estimated at $30-$50 billion. Internal estimates raise that number to $74 billion upon speculation of the Federal Medical Cannabis Program in 2017.

Cannabis Science's President Emeritus, Dr. Robert Melamede, Ph.D., is focused on the quantum physics relationship with biology, and the role the cannabinoid strain plays in the string of life. His research and science of the cannabinoid system along with the relationship between the endocannabinoid system and phytocannabinoids is pioneering. The Cannabis Science Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of several doctors who embrace and support Dr. Melamede’s vision. Board members are all considered global leaders.

Cannabis Science's executive management team is built through a partnership of independent consultants whose interests are aligned with the success of shareholders and Cannabis Science. This model and their executive management plan have allowed Cannabis Science to attract strategic partnerships that generate revenues, as with Vincent Mehdizadeh, from MedBox. It also has allowed Cannabis Science to strengthen the services of the company both with investors through Robert Kane, Investor Relations Manager, and with patients.

Cannabis Science is the first publicly traded cannabinoid company on the market, whose symbol is CBIS, and is the only publicly traded company in existence that is involved in cannabinoid-extract based formulations. This model and leadership position is of great value as the company matures over the next twenty years and expands globally into a potential billion dollar biotech global leader.

In conclusion, Cannabis Science is a company doing the right things, for the right reasons, with the right people, a company started by someone who was ill and found a way to heal themselves. That person shared their solution with others and they have shared with hundreds of millions of patients who are suffering; chronic pain patients, cancer patients, MS patients, soldiers and veterans with PTSD, those who are terminally ill, and patients with dozens of other conditions are now all aware of the medicinal value of cannabinoid. Now is simply the best opportunity for Cannabis Science to help and heal those who are suffering through their formulations and services.