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Cannabis Science Issues Earnings Guidance for 2012 Forecasted at $6,846,000 and Potential Increased to $65,740,000 in 2014 with $0.02 Per Share Positive Earnings 29-12-11
Cannabis Science Brand Releases Worldwide Growth Guidance For Its Formulations Targeting Critical Ailments 21-12-11
Cannabis Science Reports: Three Former Federal Law Enforcement Agents Want To Legalize Marijuana Through Washington State Initiative 502 19-12-11
Cannabis Science Negotiates Commercialization Deal to Bring Cannabis Science Brand Formulations Immediately into the California Market 14-12-11
Cannabis Science Issues First Market and Revenue Guidance in Regards to the Top 10 Cancer Formulations the Company Intends Focus on over Next Ten Years 14-12-11
Second Self Medicated Medical Cannabis Cancer Patient Reports Cannabis Science Brand Extracts Killing Cancer Cells 12-12-11
Cannabis Science Confirms Two Extract-Based Formulations Are Both Available Now at Cannabis Therapeutics and Marisol Therapeutics in Colorado 30-11-11
Cannabis Science Releases Second Cannabis-Extract-Based Formulation Available Now at Marisol Therapeutics, 922 Kimble Drive, Pueblo West, Colorado 23-11-11
Cannabis Science Publishes List of Over 800 Peer-Reviewed Cannabis and Cancer References From Scientists Around the World 21-11-11
Cannabis Science Issues Guidance as It Moves Forward with Shareholder Stock Dividend 16-11-11
Cannabis Science Prepares Release of Second Cannabis-Extract-Based Formulation Along with Official Facebook and Twitter Page Release 09-11-11
Cannabis Science Releases First Cannabis-Extract-Based Formulation Available Now at Cannabis Therapeutics, 957 E. Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, Colorado 27-10-11
Release Of Cannabis Science Brand Formulations Align With History Being Made as California Medical Association New Policy And Washington Gallop Polls Show Record Support With Over 50% Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana 19-10-11
Cannabis Science Packaging its First Cannabis-Extract-Based Formulation Slated For October 2011 Colorado State Distribution As The First Analytical Reports And Production Runs Are Completed 13-10-11
Cannabis Science Announces Manufacturing is Underway for Scheduled October 2011 New Product Release 06-10-11
Guidance For Cannabis Science Brand Products To Be Released October 2011 In Colorado Based On Accumulating Anecdotal Reports Of Successful Cancer Treatments With Cannabis Extracts Cannabis Science Inc. 26-09-11
Cannabis Science Announces the Appointment Of Robert Kane Formerly Of Stifel Nicolaus for Investor Relations Management 19-09-11
Cannabis Science Announces Expansion Plans For The Revolutionary MedBoxTM Medicine Dispensing System in Conjunction With Prescription Vending Machines Inc. 16-09-11
Cannabis Science Signs Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Agreement with Prescription Vending Machines to Distribute its Patented Marijuana Dispensing Machines Worldwide 19-08-11
Cannabis Science Reaches Final Partnership Structure with Unconventional Foundation for Autism (UF4A) 01-08-11

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